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Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Gold Coin - There is a truth

Post Summary: 

The word "truth" stirs up a lot of passionate debate. Attach the word "religion" to the word "true", and the passion reaches a boiling point. Every religion claims to be the only true faith. This does not seem to be dependent on their teachings but upon an appeal to a higher spiritual source. An excellent example is found in Islam. This faith gives permission through its teaching to kill non-believers or those who would convert to a different faith. It gives moral weight to and justifies murder based on the authority of the writings given to Muhammad who in turn received them from Allah. As a result; killing becomes a morally correct and righteous act because Allah has commanded it to be so. But is murder a "true" representation of God's will for mankind?
Well, from my Christian perspective, unless someone is actively trying to kill me (or has purposely committed cold blooded premeditated murder), then killing is immoral, a sin and definitely not God's will. So the question which must be answered is which faith truly represents God?  Is that faith actually true to the Character of God? I think that out of sheer frustration some folk have decided that all religions are true. But if that is a fact, then they are all equally false because they claim to be exclusively true. What a mess! Is there any way we can tell if a faith is true and others counterfeit or false? You can find out by reading my book. Check it out.

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