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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spiritual Growth - Gold for a penny

A Story
With this post a transition in this blog is going to take place.  I have been primarily concerned with the negative aspects of the paranormal in order to warn my readers about the dangers and spiritual difficulties which result from an occult use of their abilities.  I am sure that this blog is not very popular with those practicing occult methods, because it presents direct evidence about these dangers. As a matter of fact, when I was steeped in occult activities, I would not have read a blog like this one. I would never have asked myself what it was that was so offensive to me, and why I would have simply rejected its truth even though I told myself I was seeking truth. So as I begin this post, I am reminded of a supposedly true story which I am going to tell you in a modified form. The story goes something like this:
Once upon a time there was an exceedingly wealthy man, who
filled a bag with gold coins and then stood in front of the Brooklyn Bridge.
All day he offered to every passerby a gold coin in exchange for a penny.
Some heard his offer, stopped and asked about the gold coin,
but in the end refused to give up their penny.
Others would not even listen to his offer,
But just rushed by, rejecting his offer as if they were deaf and blind.
At the end of the day, the bag was still nearly full of gold coins,
And he had just a few pennies.

You see what the wealthy man learned was this:
Those who stopped and listened could not believe or trust that
anyone would give them gold for a penny, and so
they kept their penny, and their poverty.
Those who blindly rushed by, well, they
thought that he was just trying to
sell them the Brooklyn Bridge.
Blinded by their preconceptions,
they lost their golden opportunity
The meaning
 I have been hypersensitive to the spirit world since I was a child. This is an ability that we all share to some degree since it is common to all mankind. For 12 years I was involved in the occult and had numerous paranormal experiences of an intense nature. Those were 12 years of spiritual defeat for me. As I said at the start of this post, though out this blog, I have been trying to reach out to those who are also hypersensitive to the spirit world and show them the spiritual and psychological dangers involved. I have also promised that I would show them a way that they can take their natural abilities and safely develop them to their spiritual benefit.
In the next 30 or so posts I plan on showing you my readers exactly how and why you can and must become truly paranormal spiritually. I have said enough about the occult, and now it is time to tell you about true power, glory, service, and salvation. I hope you will open your mind to what I have to say.
Like those in the story, I hope and pray that you will not hang onto your occult pennies but will take the golden coin. I also hope and pray that those who reject this blog because it is Christian will have a change in mind and will take advantage of their golden opportunity.
As usual, I will occasionally publish a science orientated post, and will write for Christians as well as non-Christians. If you have a passion for the truth and for knowledge,  and if you have an open mind and heart, then read on concerning the awesome power of God and the role that Christ can play in your life. I have a bag full of gold coins, don't hesitate to take one. After all, they only cost a penny. What are these golden coins? Find out in my book:

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