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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dysfunctional Psychic Sensitivity

Supplement to Chapter 13 – Discussion of the Psychic Receptive Personality.
Hypersensitivity to the spirit universe is a natural phenomenon. It is no different than
being naturally able to play music or create art. It is certainly an inherited trait and one that is basic to the character and functioning of personality.  As such it will play a profound role in the formation of the sensitive's world view and general understanding of who he is at a deeply existential level.

An individual has a number of dysfunctional choices that can be made to deal with hypersensitivity to the spirit universe. In this supplement I would like to expand on these unfortunate choices and then offer a functional and spiritually fulfilling option.

Bury It.
The symptoms of hypersensitivity to the spirit universe can be out and out bizarre. In fact, seeing, hearing or feeling spirits, being subject to negative and uncontrollable energies, and experiencing unexpected emotional reactions to objects can be both frightening and anxiety provoking. A lot of these experiences take place in childhood and can produce a constant state of fear that eventually results in the development of coping skills that suppress or bury the person’s hypersensitivity under a blanket of denial and rejection.

The problem with this is that, like any other personality characteristic, if the individual tries to bury hypersensitivity to the spirit universe, then he buries it alive.  Hypersensitivity can be suppressed but it can not be destroyed without destroying an important aspect of personality.  In other words, a psychic frontal lobotomy is not the answer.

One very predicable outcome that results from suppressing hypersensitivity is periodic and unpredictable outbreaks of the suppressed material. These outbreaks can vary from exterior but intense poltergeist like events to becoming overwhelmed by the flood of sensory information coming from the spirit universe. Often this deluge of information comes at times when the normal ego boundaries are down, such as during sleep, and results in disturbing dreams, visions, or psycho-motor responses that produce a negative aftermath such as depression, anxiety, and physical illness.  Given enough of these outbreaks, the mental health of the hypersensitive is in jeopardy!  Clearly, suppressing hypersensitivity is not the best solution.

Control It
If suppressing hypersensitivity does not work, then many, perhaps the majority, of hypersensitives will attempt to learn techniques and methods to control it.  They will plunge themselves into the mystical but very deceptive world of the occult. They will begin to train themselves in the meditative and occult methods that supposedly will enable them not only to control hypersensitivity but that promises to make them even more hypersensitive and powerful.  There is certainly no lack of such techniques ( See chapter 11 of my book for a detailed explanation of these techniques) but they all depend on a process by which the hypersensitive mentally disassociates from his hypersensitivity to create what I call a Psychic Receptive Personality.

Since all the methods used by the occult result in some level of disassociation, the hypersensitive will eventually develop a part of himself that is not in his immediate conscious control, a part of his personality that eventually functions independently from his primary personality.  To some degree, but not to the same degree in everyone, the Psychic Receptive Personality is going to come into play in those practicing these occult techniques.

The difficulty with all of this is that the Psychic Receptive Personality is unable to tell the difference between good and evil. It will function with any spirit from demons (Type D) to highly deceptive angels of light (Type AL). (See Chapter 8 of my book for a discussion of the types of spirits.)  It may take years before the hypersensitive realizes that he or she is in a terrible bondage to spirits, but when that realization finally hits, it will take serious and long lasting spiritual warfare to get free of captivity and enslavement to spirits.  Clearly, practicing occult methods and attempting to control hypersensitivity by disassociation leaves the hypersensitive in worse condition then ever before.

The Christian Approach
A Hypersensitive can become a Christian just like anyone else because salvation is dependent upon faith in Jesus Christ and not psychic gifting.  Because hypersensitivity is a natural ability, God can use it to His advantage.  This means that Christianity offers a solution to the hypersensitive that is truly unique in the world.

Instead of becoming involved in occult and spiritually negative methods to develop natural sensitivity, Christianity offers the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  This involves  a direct contact with the Holy Spirit that empowers the believer to function in a supernatural manner.  Natural hypersensitivity is expressed through the nine spiritual gifts mentioned in 1 Corinthians  12.  Those gifts govern how the hypersensitive will receive information from the spirit universe (i.e. the Word of Knowledge, the gift of Prophecy) and how the hypersensitive will deal with the powers of the spirit universe (i.e. the working of miracles, the gift of healing.)

Unlike occult methods of development, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit holds no dangers or spiritual entrapment.  It is dependent on submission to the will of God, and obedience to the directives of the Holy Spirit.  Furthermore, the promises of personal power and egotism found in the occult are not present in the Christian approach. Instead, both humility and service to others is the primary basis for supernatural enablement.

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