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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Spiritual Dangers in Paranormal Investigations

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The general opinion of a lot of ghost hunting and deliverance ministries is that there is no spiritual dangers involved with what has become a hobby for many people. Yet, when dealing with unknown or negative energies, possibly in the control of demonic or hell bound spirit, there is a clear and powerful danger. This danger definitely involves all three aspect of a person - the human body, mind and spirit.

It is important to realize that, like radiation such as x-rays,  the degree of danger is correlated to the degree of exposure to the negative energy and the spirit forces it contains. We can look at some common practices during an investigation and rate the probability of a damaging experience as follows:

The Danger Scale

The chart on the left attempts to quantify in a general way, the degree of spiritual danger present during an investigation. It really does not matter if the purpose of the investigation is deliverance or ghost hunting. The dangers remain real for both groups.

The red/green bar represents the probability of negative side effects taking place during and after an investigation. The red means a high probability of some kind of spiritual damage taking place, while the green means that the chance of a negative impact  is lower.

The column on the right lists some of the more common methods used by paranormal investigation groups. While some of these methods are very similar, there are enough differences in the methods so that they can be ranked independently.

What Damage

Negative energy and the spirits it contains can do a lot of damage to individuals and whole families. Kids, for example, that come into contact with demonic spirits or who are introduced to occult methods can be influenced through out their lives in both damaging and destructive ways.  Why is this so? Because exposure to paranormal forces can open doorways to spirit influence and oppression. These influences can manifest as depression, anger, delusional thinking, and paranoia.  When spirits are involved, the individual can be oppressed relentlessly, accompanied by a mental and spiritual overload of sensations and truly frightening experiences.

The Scale

The Danger Scale is based on a simple concept. The less personal interaction you have with negative energy and spirits, the safer you are as you investigate or conduct a deliverance session.  The methods in the green do not require inter-personal contact.  After all, recording an energy spike or temperature drop does not demand any interaction at all. On the opposite end, and certainly the most dangerous,  is mediumship of any sort. Mediums open themselves not only to intimate spirit relationships, but they allow spirits to control their minds and bodies.  This is extremely dangerous and most likely will lead to oppression if not possession.
Similarly, trance induction will produce a personality split that comes under the immediate control of a spirit.  A dissociated trance state will diminish the will and confuse the identity of the person who allows spirit contact while in even a mild form of disassociation.

Individuals that practice occult techniques are also in serious danger of negative influences and spirit influence.  In many of these methods, the autonomic nervous system is activated under the control of a spirit.  This is a milder form of disassociation but nevertheless is highly dangerous.

While the least dangerous and safest approaches focus on simple measurements (EMF, Temp, Sound, Video), the danger increases as soon as communication methods are used. From delayed responses generated by EVPs to immediate responses through the use of a “ghost box” the degree of personal interaction increases as does the danger.  Often challenging the spirit to become violent and actually attack the investigator is really giving permission for the spirit to take bodily control. The energies involved can change body chemistry, for example, scratches may often be histamine  reactions rather than actual physical wounds.

Perhaps the most serious danger from communication with spirits is that the person may come to believe that the spirits are telling the truth about themselves and about their final destiny, This leads to false religious beliefs that can prevent the person from embracing the truth as revealed by Christ and His Word.   World religions have been created by spirits who find someone gullible enough to believe that they are getting secret and valid information about God and the spirit universe. The impact of this kind of deception can be world wide and cause misery and suffering for millions of people who follow a faith designed by spirits instead of God.


Not every investigation method is worth following. Deliverance teams only need to establish the existence of spirit influence to do the work of deliverance. Communication with the dead just produces delusion and false belief designed to perpetuate the comfort of the spirit and the discomfort of the follower.  Deliverance teams are there to deliver, and not communicate.

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