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Friday, January 10, 2014

Demon’s Breath–A Sign of a Demonic Spirit.

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How do you know when you are dealing with a demonic spirit during an investigation or deliverance session? While the answer to that question would seem self-evident, and in some cases it is evident, one cannot  simply brand all spirits as demons and one cannot assume that all demons are equal in their degree of evil, destructiveness, and power.

Basic Principles:
A spirit can make itself known only in the context of the human energy field that it is drawing from.  That human energy field allows two-way communication. The spirit gets energized, and the people get in contact with the character and nature of the spirit that is drawing power from them.  It is an exchange of information and energy.  As a result, the spirit can modulate the energy and distort it in a way correlated to his character. This character can be sensed by the people as being separate from and different than their own.

In other words, people in contact with a spirit are like those  looking into a “funny” mirror at a circus. What they see is vaguely familiar but so badly distorted that it is unrecognizable.  It is their own energy coming back to them but now contorted by the character and personality of the spirit with which they are in contact. Even when manipulated by a non-demonic spirit,  the reflected energy is so misshapen that the image appears to be alien and otherworldly. 

There is one other important factor to keep in mind when trying to determine whether a spirit is a demon. Spirits that qualify as actual demons are not human nor will they ever be human. Now there is a type of demonic spirit that once was human but original demons are fallen angels and not of mortal derivation. When these demons contort the human energy field, the resulting energy is so profoundly convoluted by the unadulterated evil of the demonic spirit that it seems to be alien to humanity.  This alienation and dehumanizing of the energy field can take two distinct and surprisingly different forms.

Demon’s Breath: A Foul Oder of Evil.
The first form is distinctly demonic in character. The energy is best described as being horribly sinister with an intensity which leaves the investigator with creepy and menacing impressions. The energy field seems to be swirling with feelings of fear, rage, hostility, malice, malevolence, and hatred.

At the same time, physical reactions such as nausea, chest pains, scratches, weakness, dizziness, and depression can beset the investigators. Paranormal violence as well as aggressive interactions between investigators can take place, and folk may be hurt and damaged either physically or mentally.

Contact with this form of demonic spirit can cause permanent physical and psychological damage that will not readily heal.  In most cases, if you are confronted by this type of demonic spirit, you will quickly identify it as being a demon, but that is not true for the second form in which a demon can manifest itself.

Demon’s Breath: The Sweet Odor of Deception.
Normally such words as beautiful, glorious, wise, peaceful, powerful, and godlike are associated with the Holy Spirit. However, it must be remembered that Satan and his demons want to replace God and in their spiritual presumption, will actually emulate  some of the traits of God.  In my book, I call these types of demons “Angels of Light” (Type AL) and explain that their main objective is to promote false religion by undermining trust in God and His Word.  Entire nations have been impacted negatively by these demons, and millions have been lost to Christ because of their deceptions and unholy doctrines.

In this post, however, I would like to focus on the ability of these religious spirits to confuse and deceive even born-again and Spirit filled Christians.  We must always remember that our spiritual perception of spirit forms can be distorted by demonic spirits.  As a result, information or guidance that we think is coming from the Spirit of God can actually originate from a demon.

So how do we know if we are actually dealing with a demon spirit that is trying to manipulate us in some ungodly manner? Well, the following Scripture gives us insight to solve this perplexing problem:
1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. 1 John 4:1 (ESV)
So here are some of the tests that will let  you know if you are dealing with a religious demon:
  • Since  the primary function of Type AL demons is to keep people away from Christ, they will not acknowledge that Jesus is God, the savior of mankind, and the only way to the Father. In essence, they will deny that Jesus is the way, truth and life.
  • They will justify their misdirection by attacking the Bible. They will say that it is erroneous, corrupted, or improperly interpreted, and then provide their own translation or supplemental material that supports their false doctrines.
  • They will make assertions about God that are opposite of His revealed nature. For example, they will promote a doctrine that God wants them to kill non-believers, or punish others who do not hold to their doctrines.  This tactic can be intensely personal, for instance, Type AL demons will use condemnation to keep folk in bondage to their doctrines.
  • Finally, these spirits will lie about the mercy, goodness, or intent of God.  They will declare that God does not love or care for those who have accepted Christ or that God’s intent is for evil and not good.
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