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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Can a Christian be Possessed by a Demonic Spirit?

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There are three terms that have to be defined in order to answer this question. The first term is Christian; the second is possession, and the last term is Demonic. 

Christian: I think the most basic definition of Christian is a person who believes in the person and work of Jesus Christ and who has surrendered his life and will to the Lord. As a result of his faith in Christ, the Christian experiences a new birth in the spirit that frees him from his past, and, because of his surrender, establishes a relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit in the present. Consequently,  the Christian has the fullness of the God head living within his born-again spirit. (See John 14:17-20)

Possession:  Possession means that the demonic spirit has gained control of the mind of the person possessed. The demon owns part of the possessed person and can manipulate that person as he wills..

Demonic: Demonic spirits are of two types. The first type is non-human and consists of fallen angels who have been distorted and made profane by the evil forces they generated when they rebelled against God. The second type consists of human beings who died in their sins, which were highly evil and began the process of degeneration into a demonic form. I get into a more elaborate explanation of these types in my book along with the Scriptural foundation for describing these demonic spirits..

The Question
The question is : “Can a Christian be possessed by a demonic spirit?" The answer is no – absolutely not!
A Christian cannot  be possessed by a demonic spirit because the Christian has the full God head within his spirit. No demon is powerful enough to displace God or even separate a Christian from God.  The Christian belongs and has been purchased by the Lord, and that means the Christian is no longer helplessly subject to demonic demands or commands.
Being filled with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the Christian not only cannot  be possessed, but he has the spiritual power to cast any demon into hell. He can do this just with a command given in the Name of Jesus because he has the right to use the authority in the Name of Jesus.
The Christian is filled with the Holy Spirit, and that means that any type of demon cannot  possess a Christian but also, no demon would be foolish enough to challenge the Spirit of God by attempting to take possession of a Christian.

What a Demon can do!
Even though a demonic spirit cannot  possess a Christian, it can certainly oppress him.  Oppression is a systematic attack by a demon to depress, hurt, and bring misery into the life of a Christian. So a demon can do significant damage to a Christian and those around him, if the Christians allows the demon to continue its attack.
The fact is that no demon can continue its oppressive attack on a Christian if the Christian commands the demon to stop its attack in the Name of Jesus.  This may have to be done in several areas, but the demon is bound to obey such a command because of the power and authority found in the Name of Jesus.

A demon cannot  take control of a Christian, but it certainly can oppress the Christian so severely that it feels like possession.  The Christian can become free of any oppression by using the Name of Jesus to abort the mission of the demon.  Oppression will continue only if the Christian is ignorant of his power in the Name of Jesus, or does not have the faith to believe deliverance is possible.
Please note that the protection enjoyed by a Christian does not cover those who have not made a commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. In fact, spirit possession, including demon possession, is a essential part of non-Christian religions. Deliverance from spirit possession may be a vital part of the salvation experience for these individuals.

If you have not made a commitment to Jesus and you would like to do so now, then click HERE to go to a page that will show you how to become a follower of Jesus Christ.

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