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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Check The Source

An individual who receives paranormal information is doing so through his nervous system. That nervous system does not change based on the source of the information. For a Christian who is Spirit filled, this means that his nervous system will be involved whether the source of his information is demonic or divine. I would like to talk about three sources of paranormal information commonly experienced by a hypersensitive person.

God is the source:
The path for Christian God consciousness is biblically clear. There must first come belief in Jesus Christ so that salvation takes place, that is followed by water baptism as a means of dedicating one's life to following the Lord Jesus, and finally there must be an empowering or energizing of the Christians through the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Once these three objectives have been reached, the conscious awareness of the presence of God becomes a daily experience. Most importantly, the individual is now able to discern between godly and other sources of influence and knowledge. This ability to discern the source of his paranormal experience is based on the fact that he has experienced the person of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. At this point he can reject any other source of information and focus on only that which is inspired by the gifts of the Holy Spirit mentioned in first Corinthians 12.

Satan is the source:
By using the word "Satan" I mean any kind of demonic spirit or entity. Some higher spirit, that is a spirit that does not obviously  portray itself as a simple demon, has been been Biblically called a "spirit of light" and can very cleverly portray itself as a divine source. These kinds of spirits can cause a great deal of religious confusion because their primary purpose is to prevent establishing a genuine relationship with God through Christ. People in contact with these "spirits of light" honestly believe they are in contact with an angel or some emissary of God. This type of spirit always violates God's Word and will preach a gospel contrary to the gospel preached by the Holy Spirit as found in the Bible. They will also teach and preach psychic methodologies which, when practiced, bring the individual into captivity.

Self is the source:
People  are influenced by all sorts of psychological needs and drives, some of which are subconscious and will only appear when there is a an attempt to release the subconscious into the consciousness through meditation or disassociation techniques. The information derived from this release can often appear to be paranormal and supernatural, but is actually only the psychological interpretation of the individual. This kind of source is actually a "mental guess" put together by a complex mental process of deduction which goes beyond normal everyday consciousness. The difficulty with this source is that it is biased by the attitudes, beliefs, and previous mental assumptions of the individual. As a result, it can produce incorrect or defective information on which the hypersensitive acts. For example, a psychic doing a psychic reading may project his own psychological state on the person he is supposedly doing a reading for. This type of source can be not only defective, but it also can be dangerous and harmful to other people.

It is extremely important that a hypersensitive check the source of his information. If he is in a ministry which utilizes the spiritual gifts, he can be confident that God is the source and that he can learn to be highly accurate as he serves God through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. On the other hand, those who have sources that are either demonic or that originate from self, can give harmful and destructive information to other people, even though it appears to be paranormal and godly in nature. To those who seek paranormal information, one must aware of the source and reject any ungodly source be it demonic or simply originating out of self.

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