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Monday, June 18, 2018

Book Update:

Just wanted to write a brief post about the new paperback book I am publishing concerning the Christian approach to the paranormal and supernatural. Here is the Introduction to the book:

I want to touch four audiences through this book. The first audience includes Christians who are involved or want to become involved in a Christian deliverance ministry. This book holds invaluable information that you need to know to effectively minister in deliverance.

The second audience includes those who have “psychic” experiences and abilities that they have to deal with frequently. This book will show you the way to submit your abilities to God through the Holy Spirit and how to use them for the common good.

The third group who will benefit from this book are those conducting parapsychological research or ghost hunting. The technical aspects of this book will be of great value to them.

Finally, this book will be of help to those seeking a way out of the occult, Witchcraft, Satanism, Spiritism, and New Age movement.

Every topic involved in this blog is discussed in greater detail in the book. Also, new additions to the book make it a great start up resource for those interested in deliverance ministry. Deliverance ministry is sadly neglected in many churches and it is my hope that this book will help change that sad state.

Keep checking back and I will announce when the book is available for you to get.

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