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Friday, June 4, 2010

How a spirit becomes a ghost!


What is a ghost? Why do some spirits become ghosts while others do not? Both these questions are complex and difficult to answer because they involve the process by which we die. From a Christian perspective we can only speculate because the Bible is fairly silent about the death process and the conditions which occur immediately after death. Certainly, spirits become ghosts because of their spiritual state at death and because of the forces which come into play immediately after their separation from the physical world. There are a number of cliché answers offered by paranormal groups and spiritualists such as spirits choose to become ghosts because they have "unfinished" business, or because they had a traumatic death experience and somehow lost their way to the "light".  But these concepts, given a bit of thought, really raise more questions then give genuine answers. Why do some spirits become ghosts? What are the forces in the spirit universe that create ghosts. You can find out by reading the book:

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