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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Spirit Universe Supplement 1–When Demons Resist

(Supplement to Chapter 17 – The Dynamics of Deliverance Ministry)

Why is it that when you are in the midst of a deliverance session, all the evidence points to a demonic influence, you have documented evidence of the paranormal, and when you cast out the demon in the Name of Jesus, the spirit resists your command to leave? Another scene is that it leaves but two weeks later comes back. What is the problem?

In chapter 17 of my book, I discuss the fact that the Authority and Power in the Name of Jesus are absolute in the spirit universe. Because this is so, the demon can’t refuse to do as commanded in the Name of Jesus. Basically, the demon spirit no longer has a choice. Why then do deliverance ministers and Christian counselors run into this problem of resistance?  I will discuss three causes of resistance to deliverance and what needs to be done by the deliverance minister to overcome such resistance.

It is in the nature of Demons to resist God.
Regardless of whether the demon is a fallen angel or a human spirit demonized by its evil actions,  part of its character is to resist and fight against the will and rule of God. This characteristic runs so deep that it aborts any possibility of choice or free will. Given a command in the Name of Jesus, the first instinctive reaction of the demon will be to resist the command. It will resist either through direct aggression or through passive aggression.

When a demonic spirit becomes directly aggressive, it will attack either physically or verbally. It will attempt to fight the deliverance minister by either physical violence or by verbal abuse. Either way, the minister must be prepared for an attack and deal with it by having others subdue the victim physically or by ignoring the verbal attack even if it contains threats to family and friends.

When a demonic spirit reacts by becoming passive aggressive, it will attempt to either distract or misdirect the deliverance minister. Such passive-aggressive resistance to deliverance includes causing its victim to copiously vomit, to make weird and disturbing screams, cries, and moans, or by causing its victim to become extremely hyperactive and to behave like a wild animal. Once again, the deliverance minister must be prepared to deal with such passive-aggressive behaviors by not allowing himself to be either distracted or misdirected by them.

Because of this inherent resistance, the deliverance minister can not simply pray that the demon leave. Instead, the minister must command with determination and perseverance that the demon leave and not return to its victim. Remember that you can not ask it to leave but you must command it with the Authority of the Lord.

Demons need hosts and they will resist leaving them.
Demon spirits use human bodies as houses. When a deliverance minister commands the spirit to leave, he is actually commanding the demon to leave his house. One of the things that a house provides is protection from outside forces. When comfortably housed in a human being, a demon is safer than it is when roaming the darker realms of the spirit universe.

One must remember that the hierarchy of power for a demon is based on evil actions including tormenting other demons of lesser status. When the demon is commanded to leave his house, it has nowhere to go but to roam the dark places in Sheol where it becomes subject to demons more evil than itself. Of course, the demon will resist a command to place itself in greater jeopardy by leaving his house.

The deliverance minister must be very persistent in his command to the demon to leave its victim. Furthermore, because the demon wants a house to abide in, the deliverance minister must be sure to command the demon never to return or try to inhabit a human being again. A very specific command must be given to prevent the demon from inhabiting its next victim. This command essentially binds the demon to stay in Sheol.

Sin on the part of victim fuels resistance.
Demons are attracted by sinful behavior. Very often they feed on the sinful behavior of its victim. As a result, if a human being continues to sin, the demon will continue to inhabit his body. Remember that demons do not necessarily want to become known nor do they want to reveal themselves because they enjoy the rewards of sin . Not only do they enjoy sin, but they will suggest that the victim continued to sin so that the demon has an open door to the victim's body and mind.

Even though the desire to sin is caused by a demonic influence, when a human being chooses to sin, he is also choosing to remain a victim, or better yet, establishes a partnership with the demon spirit. The deliverance minister can command the demon to leave but the demon knows the door will be open as soon as the deliverance session ends. This is why, initially, deliverance may take place but eventually the demon is back in control of its victim or rather its partner. Shortly, the human being is sinning again and begins to suffer the consequences of such sin.

When a human being agrees to a partnership with the demon because of sin, not only is a strong relationship with a demon established, but an invitation is issued to other demons who have similar tastes in sinful behavior. Multiple possession (in the case of a non-Christian) or oppression (in the case of a Christian) is explained by the dynamics of sin as it causes a deterioration in the personality of the human being.

Before deliverance is attempted, a case history should be obtained. If the case history indicates repetitive or compulsive sin, then after deliverance Christian counseling should be made mandatory. In this counseling, the individual undergoing deliverance should be held accountable to the counselor, and issues such as addiction, anger, social isolation, and religious beliefs should be examined in depth.

There is a warning here for the deliverance ministry! Delivering a person with habitual sin is as good as condemning a person to a worst case of demonic possession or oppression. The initial deliverance session is not enough to effectively help such a person. If you have time to deliver them then you have time to follow up in order that they stay free of sin and its resulting demonic control.

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 By Lonnie M What I really liked about your material is that it gives more reliable spiritual answers to questions that I have had for many years. I sought those answers through paranormal channels but still felt that something was missing so I kept looking. I felt satisfied after reading your work that I had gotten many of those answers that I sought. I believe that soon we will face a spiritual epidemic of people experiencing paranormal phenomena and only the power and authority of Jesus Christ flowing through His holy anointed warriors will be able to bring deliverance to these tormented people. I know what it is like to be harassed by evil spirits and to feel helpless so I want other people to experience that same help and deliverance that I received from God. Your book helped to add to my foundation of knowledge in order to prepare for this soon coming spiritual war.

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