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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Spirit Universe Supplement 2–Tests for Hypersensitivity

Supplemental information concerning the 3 tests used to determine hypersensitivity in the book.

In my book, I discuss the level and degree of hypersensitivity to the spirit universe as it is distributed among the general population.  Since hypersensitivity does have a huge impact on a person’s personality and lifestyle, I included three tests for hypersensitivity that people can use to determine the level of their personal sensitivity to the spirit universe.  People who have read the book have asked for more information about each test. I will elaborate about the three tests in this post.


Test 1 is a self-report scale. It uses 30 symptoms of hypersensitivity and evaluates their frequency on a scale of 1 to 5.  For example here is the last of the 30 questions asked in the test:
30. I react physically to the presence of energy.
  1. Never
  2. Very Seldom
  3. Sometimes
  4. Often
  5. All the time
At the end of the test, all the scores are added and then compared to the following distribution:

Score Chart Less than 60 = Hyposensitive 60 – 89 = Hyposensitive leaning toward normal 90 – 119 = Normal leaning toward hypersensitive. 120 + = Hypersensitive Appraise the degree of your sensitivity by these target values. For example, a score of 60 or less would place you solidly in the hyposensitive category. A score nearer to 90 would put you in the normal sensitivity category. A score that is lower than 120 but greater than 90 would put you in the normal category, but the higher the score the nearer you get to the hypersensitive category. A score of 120 and over is hypersensitive.

A number of people have misinterpreted the meaning of this test, so please keep the following facts in mind:
  1. The test measures the degree of hypersensitivity so in this case, normal means you have a normal degree of hypersensitivity not that you do not have any hypersensitivity. A score of 90 or above means you have an above-normal level of hypersensitivity.
  2. This test is self-report and is subject to your bias. As a result, you cannot use your score to determine whether you are hypersensitive or hyposensitive without taking the other 2 tests.
  3. This test is skewed to reveal the people who have significantly above-normal levels of hypersensitivity. A high score in this test may very well mean that you are going to have a difficult time dealing with your experiences.
  4. A score of below 30 means that you have skipped a question and the scale is invalid.


Test 2 is designed to determine the degree that you control so-called “psychic” energy. It not only allows you to determine how energy from the Human Energy Field operates to impact living things, but teaches you a scientific and rational approach to testing such matters. I do have some suggestions concerning this test:
  1. The only concern that I have is that people will not take the test because it will take at least three weeks of effort to determine the results. In addition, it takes a systematic effort to control all the other possible variables that can influence the outcome of the test. Still, a positive outcome will have a significant impact on your understanding of the human energy that all of us generate.
  2. Please understand that this test should be repeated at least twice. A one time outcome has little meaning because it may be caused by random variables out of your control. As a matter of fact, you may have to repeat this test several times before you come to any firm conclusions.


Test 3 is designed to determine how well you can obtain information from the energy field. A successful outcome in this test will go a long way toward explaining some of the strange and upsetting experiences associated with the paranormal in your life.  Here are some suggestions concerning test 3:
  1. Like test 2, you need to duplicate this test at least twice before drawing any firm conclusions.  This test is significantly influenced by such factors as your emotional state during testing or even the emotional state of the friend who is helping you conduct the test.
  2. You should choose the person helping you based on your sense of rapport with that person. If you can not sense a unspoken linkage with your helper, then choose someone else to work with. Usually someone who is close to you is the best choice.
  3. It is very important to conduct this test in a peaceful and un cluttered environment.  Interference from your surroundings can invalidate the test results.
Taken together, these 3 tests can have a very strong impact on how you understand the spirit universe as well as how you interact with it.  It is well worth the while to take the time and spend the energy to get trustworthy results.

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