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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Spirit Universe Supplement 3–The Psychically Receptive Personality.

In several chapters of my book, I discuss the phenomenon of the psychically receptive personality fragment. This is a part of the  personality of a hypersensitive that has separated from the primary personality and functions as an entity unto itself. This personality fragment is extremely sensitive to the spirit universes and has established control both of the energy and information found in that universe.

The problem is that it is often abusive, or acts detrimentally toward the primary personality of the hypersensitive. Because of this, the hypersensitive personality fragment can be enslaved to the dominant spirits of Sheol. In this post I would like to provide additional information about this psychic receptive personality and how it both forms and functions in the life of a hypersensitive.

How Does It Form?
The psychic receptive personality fragment can form in three basic ways:
  1. It forms when a hypersensitive practices disassociation techniques in order to increase his hypersensitivity. Such techniques include trance induction, self-hypnosis, and meditation techniques designed to inhibit self-identity and rational or analytical thinking.  Given enough time, the hypersensitive aspect of the primary personality will separate into one or more personalities. Often the hypersensitive will identify these splits as his “spirit guides”.
  2. The psychic receptive personality can fragment because of mental illness. Mental illness such as multiple personality disorder results in rapid and extensive development of a psychic receptive personality.  Unfortunately, mental illness often exaggerates and distorts the psychic receptive personality so that it becomes captive to either demonic or tormenting spirits.
  3. Finally, the psychic receptive personality can result from both  psychological and psychical abuse.  Such abuse results in trauma  so extensive that the hypersensitive will attempt to reduce its impact by splitting the most psychically sensitive aspects of his personality into fragments.  Such fragments are insulated from the onslaught of the pain and suffering caused by the abuse. In other cases, the fragments will contain the rage and fury of the abused person and express it through psychic channels. Such individuals become easily possessed by demonic entities and often express their rage and torment through violence and destruction.
The Damage Done
Many of the people who have sent me help requests are dealing with a psychic receptive personality fragment.  Sometimes this condition developed because they were encourage to practice  meditation or trance inducing methods by an occult or New Age group. The motivation here is to become a medium or a well known psychic. These kinds of people are victims of ignorance about the detrimental effects produced by such practices.

The most serious cases of psychic receptive personality fracture are produce by traumas resulting from involvement with Satanic or demonic religious groups.  Such trauma is purposely inflicted in order to produce a victim that seems to demonstrate the power of the group and thereby build its reputation, or to make a psychic slave to serve the interests of the group.  Blood rituals, curses, hallucinogens, and sexual perversion  function as blunt force instruments to forge the psychic receptive fragment into existence.

 Eventually, these people are not only tormented by their mental condition, but are equally inflicted by demonic persecution and the horrors of their spiritual

Healing from this condition can only take place when the psychic receptive personality fragment is integrated back into the primary personality of the hypersensitive.  This is a slow process for all who have experienced this condition, but is especially difficult for those traumatized by evil.

The foundation of healing is forgiveness and acceptance of the personality fragment so that it can rejoin the primary personality. Before this can happen, the person needs to find a source of forgiveness.

This source must not only have psychological power but also spiritual power in order to stop demonic control. In the case of those involved with the demonic, there must be a determined rejection of any future  involvement with the group. This must be accompanied by an expression of faith in Jesus Christ who is the only one with both the authority and power to deliver them from their bondage. Even so, reintegration of the personality fragment will take a lot of work and time to complete.

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